10 Traffic Ideas For Your Site

Traffic IdeasThere are a millions of sites on the internet. In fact, in Netcraft.com’s March Internet Survey  estimated that there are over 600 million active sites! So how are you EVER going to get traffic to your site?

Well, the great thing is that with enough work and dedication, anyone can eventually become an “overnight success.” The playing field really is even. Just about anyone can build a blog for business to create a personal presence online. You can build a blog for free with WordPress or the like and start posting content immediately. But the question remains, what good is the best content in the world if no one can find it? Today I give you traffic ten ideas to bring the eyeballs your site needs to survive.

For every successful blog site on the Internet, hundreds more have been absolute failures. Frankly, running a blog is akin to running a business. If you’re not willing to put in some hard work and a resolve to “keep on keeping on,” you just won’t last as a blogger. It’s as simple as that.

You see, most of those “failed bloggers” we totally serious about blogging and making it big on the internet. The fact is, most simply aren’t prepared for what it will take to create a successful (and profitable) blog site. If you subscribe to the “build it and they will come” philosophy of internet marketing and blogging, you may as well walk off in the sunset with Ray Liotta because you’re absolutely in a “Field of Dreams!” You’ve got to pursue your audience and convince them that your message is compelling enough for them to spend their valuable time listening.

10 Traffic Ideas For Your Site

1. Fresh Content – You’ve got to create great content and do it often. Nobody wants to visit a site day after day and see the same, tired old posts. Update your content as often as possible, preferably two or three times per week in the beginning. You can back off later in the game when you’ve got thousands of unique visitors each month. One way you can accomplish this is to write several posts ahead of time and use an editorial calendar (I use the Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress — it’s free!) to schedule the release dates.

2. Article Marketing – Yes, this strategy has taken a hit in recent months and years, but it can still be a viable traffic source. Plus it can help in the organic SERP rankings. If your niche is something that you enjoy, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create content for both your blog and a few select article directories (EZine Articles and Go Articles are a few good ones.) You can use the resource box at the bottom of your article to link to your blog so people can find you.

3. Social Networking – Wow…these sites are popping up all over the place. Or course the big fish are Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Pinterest (don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and get your FREE Pinterest report) or a dozen others and make connections. You can join groups of like-minded people who are also bloggers or entrepreneurs.

4. Take a Course – While this may not be the first thing you consider when thinking about how to drive traffic, sometimes it takes the accountability of spending money to force yourself into taking action. I recommend Chris Cole’s Mass Traffic Domination (aff link.) Check out his 3 part product and see if it’s for you. It’s a pretty great value in my opinion.

5. Use RSS Feeds – RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS readers can subscribe to your feed and get updated every time you post new content. There are various types of RSS readers that you can use. One I like is Google Reader.

6. Facebook Advertising – It’s not incredibly expensive, but you’ve got to be care you don’t spend too much. Basically these ads will show up in the sidebar of the people you target. The cool thing is that you can really fine tune your demographic because Facebook knows A LOT about people. Your ad redirect could be a landing page where you capture an e-mail for future marketing possibilities!
Getting Traffic With Facebook Advertising

7. Joining Forums – Becoming a blogger means becoming an entrepreneur. Therefore, you’re number one job is to market yourself in order to get traffic. Why? Because traffic = profit if you’ve set up your business correctly. When you join forums in your related niche, you establish yourself as an authority and up your appeal in your industry. People will WANT to check out what you’ve got to say. Typically you’ll have a way to add a link back to your site in your signature line so people can find you.

8. Visit other blogs – When people come by your blog and leave a comment, show your appreciation to them by visiting their sites and posting comments. You want to build community and in order to do so, you must not seem like you are only trying to promote yourself. Like forum posting, you can typically use your signature to link back to your blog.

9. SEO Marketing – When you create new content, you’ll want to use relevant keywords. Keyword density is something to consider, as well. Don’t go too crazy with using your keywords or it won’t seem natural. You can use the Google keyword tool to find relevant search terms to use as your keywords. There are other tools, as well, such as SECockpit and Market Samurai (more on those later!)

10. Social Bookmarking – When people use social bookmarks, they can later come back and read them. It also provides a way for other members on that community to find you. These links will also provide a slight SEO boost to your site. The guys at SocialAdr.com (aff link) have found a good way to utilize this through a network of bloggers posting bookmarks all over the web. Check it out and see what they’re up to and if it could help you!

Some of these ideas are better than others, but hopefully it will prime the pump of ideas to get people to visit your site. Don’t think you’ll be able to grow your audience by simply creating great content. You’ve got to SHARE that content. Just remember that it takes time and persistence to build a voice that deserves to be heard.

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4 Responses to “10 Traffic Ideas For Your Site”

  • Kyle Gibson

    Great Post Travis. Anyone aspiring to make a living on the web needs to read and digest this information a few times to say the least..

    Good luck to all

    • Thanks Kyle,

      I’d like to think I this information is valuable and can help people at any stage of the game. Hope to see you back on the blog soon!

  • Hey Travis,

    This is a nice post. Why did you forget guest posting? It is also a good way to get traffic. :-)
    Raplus recently posted..15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your BlogMy Profile

    • You’re absolutely right. Guest posting should be on this list. I guess I left it out since the very next post I wrote is on that topic! :)

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