100 Word Post Challenge – A Blogger’s Lament

100 Word Post ChallengeRecently, Joey K. from the Income Press blog challenged readers to create 100 word posts. Being somebody who enjoys a good challenge, I’m taking him up on that.

A Blogger’s Lament

by Travis Ross

Now you may think that writing is easy,
but you do always risk sounding cheesy.
For you sink or you swim
and hang on by a limb
and your cash flow may end up uneasy.

Now I don’t say this to make you stop.
Where else can your office be a coffee shop?
So try and get traffic
in your demographic
And write copy until you drop.

Want to get in on the 100 Word Post Challenge? Share a link in the comments! Maybe you’ve got a poem or a lament of your own to share – I’d love to hear it! 



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8 Responses to “100 Word Post Challenge – A Blogger’s Lament”

  • Love this, Travis. Bravo
    Helen recently posted..The Top Dozen Sewing Machine Accessories You Cannot Live WithoutMy Profile

  • Nice. Glad no words rhymed with Nantucket. Keep it up Travis.

    • You better believe it…you going to try and do the 100 word challenge, Alan?

  • lol, awesome post brotha. Love it.

    Thanks for getting on this challenge bro…
    Joey recently posted..Reader Challenge: Write a 100 Word PostMy Profile

    • You bet, man! Hope your’s is coming along well!

  • “Blogger’s Block” is something that has held me hostage more than once. I really love how you captured the Internet Entrepreneur/Blogger’s Challenge in your poem, ‘A Blogger’s Lament’. Nicely done, Travis!

    After reading your ‘About Me’ page I thought you and your family might like this inspirational poem I wrote a while ago. In~Joy!

    Inspired Tonight

    I feel inspired tonight
    by flickering stars
    and dusty moonlight,
    By a phantom friend,
    the gentle breeze;
    and trees that bend.

    I feel inspired tonight
    by One who is
    beyond my sight;
    By thoughts of you,
    a lover’s dream,
    a dream come true.

    I feel inspired tonight
    by angels’ dust:
    my soul takes flight;
    By a spoken word,
    a melody
    my heart has heard.

    I feel inspired tonight
    by the black sea
    shimmering white,
    By midnight mist;
    the face I’ve touched,
    the lips I’ve kissed.

    I’ve felt inspired tonight.
    Somehow I know
    that all is right;
    Now I can rest.
    I’ve been inspired
    by all life’s best.

    ~ Robin L. Sardini
    (c) 2006
    Robin recently posted..The Year’s BestMy Profile

    • Wow, Robin. What a great poem! Thanks so much for sharing!

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