5 Timeless Internet Marketing Truths That You Can’t Escape

Timeless Internet Marketing TruthsI was taking my twelve year old son to basketball practice today and he mentioned how he’s been thinking about starting a band so he can make some money.


Now, I’m all about encouraging him in anything he wants to do, but how many musicians do you know that actually MAKE money?

OK. So before you press send on the hate mail you’re about to send me, I promise I didn’t crush his dreams. I simply talked to him about marketing. In other words, the hard work for a band isn’t the creation or recording of the music, it’s the MARKETING once you’re finished! There are no shortcuts to success. There is no “easy button.” It’s hard work to make money in any arena.

So many think that retiring to a tropical beach is only a year away is they just “follow these three simple steps” and pay that “one time $99 investment.” Don’t get me wrong – internet marketing has LOADS of potential. But always remember this, potential is not the same as a guarantee. So before you start, here are some facts that you should know about marketing – specifically on the internet:

No Overnight Rags To Riches

Like I said above, there are no shortcuts. The only thing that’s going to make you rich overnight online is if you were to win the lottery. My son was telling me about this band he knows of who was a nobody and recently released a song that’s taken off. But what he doesn’t realize is the fact that they’ve been together for years and have played out, recorded, practiced, fought, broken up, gotten back together and played out some more.

Becoming an overnight success takes years! <— Click to tweet this!

So many fall prey to the “promise” of instant riches by “gurus” on the internet in the hopes of making some quick cash off you. The truth is, your internet marketing presence will take a lot of time to set up and grow. And after all of that, you still may not get the results you’re looking for.

Yes, I realize that the whole point of internet marketing is to make some money online; whether by marketing a service, an information product or even (yes, this is what I told him) a band. There are processes you must follow that involve technical, social and business strategies. All of these steps take time and they simply can’t be rushed.

“Free” Isn’t Really Free

While it’s true that the capital needed for a new start-up is next to nothing when beginning online. Even if it does require an initial investment, the cash needed is not anywhere close to the typical brick and mortar business start up costs. However, for the internet marketer looking to build an true online business, purely relying on the free route simply won’t cut it.

My friend Trent Dyrsmid wrote a post about how free stuff is killing your business. While the post is a few months old, it stuck with me when I read it. The truth is that there is so much out there that you can get for free, but in our consumeristic mentalities, when will it end? At some point we’ve got to take action. And occasionally, action will cost some money.

Check out his video here:

The bottom line is internet marketing is not (and should not be) 100% free.

You Will Be Inconvenienced

When building a business, you’ll obviously need to shift your focus and priority to your customers. You’ve got a target market that you want to sell to you need to do everything you can to put them first. You can’t just decide to work when you “feel like it.” Your marketing funnel and traffic strategies just won’t work if you don’t. What if you just decided to leave your customer emails unanswered for a few days? What if you just decided to not add and content to your site for a few months? What if you decided not to tweet or facebook? Do you really think it won’t have a negative effect on your business? Of course not. Nobody is that naive.

Procrastination and laziness are always ready to attack, and if we don’t have boss or supervisor looking over our shoulder and scrutinizing every task, it can be pretty tempting to become unproductive and even unmotivated at times. Therefore, it’s super important to be disciplined enough to self-motivate. Begin to train yourself to understand which tasks are priority.

Yes, there will be times you want to kick up your feet and watch TV, but if you plan to succeed, you simply can’t until you’ve finished your to-do list for the day. And yes, I said every day.

A Plethora O’ Strategies

plethora_of_strategiesIn the internet marketing world, there are several strategies. You can choose to follow the strategies of countless gurus like this guy or this guy. Every guru claims that his or her course or product is better than the other, and while they differ in tactics, they all still serve one goal — internet marketing.

While you may want to find one strategy and stick to it, you’ll eventually need to branch out and learn new ways to market. Innovation does not happen unless you’re constantly learning and growing. At the same time you must guard against the “shiny object syndrome” and not buy or download every new product or service marketed to you.

You’ll want to work with the strategies in such a way to produce “synergy” — where the whole is greater than the separate parts. The bonus is that each of these different strategies may be able to become additional sources of income.

Always Test And Always Tweak

test-and-tweakI’m sorry to break it to you, but there’s no  perfect version of your business. Well, at least not at the start. Even beginning with something you feel is perfect won’t feel that way a few months down the road. This is simply due to the fact that internet marketing is continually evolving and morphing. If you want to stay in it for the long haul and stay ahead of your competition, you’ll need to adapt accordingly.

People change. And therefore online marketing interests and trends can also change often. You must be testing and tweaking different aspects of your business constantly. For example, take the call-to-action you’re currently using on your landing pages (for me at the time of this writing, I use a Pinterest E-book as a sales magnet.) Would you have a better CTR (click through rate – learn other terms and definitions here) if you were to simply change the copy? Does it even relate to your target audience?

This is something I’ve been considering lately. And the only way for me to know for sure is to test different versions and give aways and then tweak my strategies based on the results. When we constantly test and tweak, we’ll eventually become more efficient as it will take less time and energy to achieve our goals.

So What Now?

In order to reap everything internet marketing can bring you, you’ve got to have the right mindset. Once there, you’ll learn to discipline yourself creating the attitude you’ll need to be a success – in marketing andin life. Once you get a handle on the timeless truths above, you’ll be well on your way toward making huge strides in your business.

Got an additional timeless truth that relates to internet marketing? Share it in the comments below!



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2 Responses to “5 Timeless Internet Marketing Truths That You Can’t Escape”

  • Great Post,
    So many times Ive seen people go for the get rich quick crap. I actually do believe its possible but only for a very unique super driven person. Everyone else needs to follow your post to a T.
    The Rookie recently posted..Niche Site – Large MarketMy Profile

    • Yup…my point exactly. So much garbage out there telling you how to become rich overnight. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for some of it myself and had to learn the hard way. What I’ve discovered is that while work may be a four letter word, it’s the only way to success. Thanks for dropping by the site!

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