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Once again I’m here to share another Telestream coupon code I found. This time it’s a Flip Player discount code and it’s good for 10% off! Are you looking for a free player to play different types of media files on your Mac computer? Look no further than the Flip Player which is the best way to play any video files on your Mac system. Stop fighting with your media files and try the Flip player. Online there’s a Flip Player discount code available if you want to try the pro version which has even more features.

I’ve listed several cool features below. However, if you already know what the Flip Player can do and all you need is the coupon code, here it is:

Get 10% off the Flip Player using coupon code: AFRossome10


  • You get high quality playback of all your media. It plays everything that QuickTime supports and you can add more support through QuickTime components. Your videos will even look great on retina display monitors at the highest resolutions.
  • There are fade-in navigation controls when you need them on top of your video but they don’t get in the way of your viewing enjoyment. There’s an uncluttered design with this player.
  • Use fast-forward, scrub, skip, rewind, step, and jump controls that don’t obscure your video when you use them.
  • Use the dim lights feature to dim your screen background so you can see the video clearly. You can clear pixel-to-pixel clarity with no interpolation or scaling.
  • You can navigate your videos like a professional with the JKL navigation feature so you can use keyboard keys to navigate through the video. This is available on the pro version of the player.
  • There’s a slow motion playback with one quarter speed available on the pro version. You can use the JKL commands on the keyboаrd to get slow and normal speed playback with ease.


With the Pro version of Flip Player you have editing features. If you want to buy the pro version but can’t afford it just use my 10% off Flip Player Discount Code to save some cash on this amazing player. Here’s what the editing features of the player can do.

  • With the scale feature you can make the video almost any size that you want. You can also scale to popular mobile formats and for television resolutions. It’s also easy to crop videos with the Flip Player Pro version.
  • You can rotate the videos 90 degrees with the rotate feature.
  • Use the trim feature to trim the beginning middle and end of your video to get professional editing of any video you want.


You can convert your media with templates that make it easy to import media into applications like iTunes, iMovie, Mail, iPhoto and more. You make convert to play on Apple TV or your portable device like the iPad. The pro version has other export options. The pro version can create a ringtone with your audio or video clip.

If you’re looking for a great player for your media then you need to check out the Flip Player. Be sure to try the free version and take advantage of the Flip Player discount code if you want to try the pro version which has more features.  Flip player is amazing and it has a lot going for it. Try it out today.

Get 10% off the Flip Player using coupon code: AFRossome10

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