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Telestream-Flip4Mac-logoRecently I came across a Flip4Mac discount code and wanted to share it with my readers. Do you own a Mac but need to play Windows media (.wmv) files on it? Now you can with the Flip4Mac video player. This player allows you to play Windows videos and it’s the official player for playing these files on your Macintosh computer. Check out some of the cool features below. However, if you already know what Flip4Mac can do for you and all you need is the coupon code, here it is:


Get 10% off Flip4Mac using coupon code: AFRossome10


By the way, the discount code is actually good on all the Telestream family of desktop products. You can use it on any of the following:

  • ScreenFlow
  • Flip4Mac
  • Flip Player
  • Wirecast
  • Episode

Flip4Mac Key Features:

  • Play Windows Media using QuickTime
  • Import WMV and WMA files for conversion to
  • QuickTime and compatible formats
  • Export WMV using fixed pre-set encoding profiles
  • Export WMV using custom encoding profiles

These features vary depending upon what version of the player you buy. There’s also a free version of the player you can get to try out the basic features of the Flip4mac player prior to laying out any cash. The player is easy to install and use and you can access it through your system preferences and works with OSX 10.8. This is a trusted solution because it was developed by Telestream and then distributed by Microsoft. You’ll get stability, professional support and support from Microsoft when you use this player. There are several versions with more advanced features available. On the free player you can only watch Windows media. If you need to export or integrate with other programs, you’ll need to upgrade.

Exclusive Features

There are several features you can only get with Flip4Mac.

  • The player has brilliant playback on retina displays so you’ll always get amazing video on whatever monitor you are using.
  • The player is unique because it combines the best of a standalone video player application and QuickTime integration. You get advanced conversion, editing and playback features.
  • There’s unique QuickTime integration with Windows media support and only this player offers this.
  • There’s browser integration for Firefox, Chrome and Safari you can listen to radio stations and watch Windows Media streams from your browser
  • There’s Keynote and PowerPoint integration so you can view and playback these with Flip4Mac.
  • Use Flip4mac to preview OS x files. You can preview Windows media files and browse with the column view mode and Cover Flow.
  • There’s Windows Media integration with Apple Mail so you can view Windows Media from your mail program and there’s no need to convert the file to view it on your Mac.
  • It’s easy to import WMV files into Apple iMovie 11.
  • You get compressor support so you can create Windows Media with Apple Compressor.

Flip4Mac Versions

There are 4 main versions of this player including a free version, Flip4mac Player Pro, Flip4Mac Studio, and Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD. To be fair, the free version gives a watermark and limits features, however it’s a great tool to have until you need to upgrade. Take a look at all the details on the product page to see what’s right for you.

A Great Little Player

Flip4Mac is an amazing player for windows media files and well worth buying. You can use the Flip4Mac discount code AFRossome10 to save 10% on any version of this player. If you like, you can try it out to see how it plays Windows media files with the free player and then upgrade to the other versions which do a whole lot more. If you want to use your Mac to work with Windows media files and you have been disappointed with other products then the Flip4Mac player is for you. It has a ton of features and is the best way to play Windows Media file your Mac computer.

Get 10% off Flip4Mac using coupon code: AFRossome10

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