Goals For 2013

It’s always a bit nerve racking to start talking about goals. Especially when everyone and their brother has an opinion about how to go about goal setting. Some tell you not to even have goals. In the end, I believe that if you don’t aim at anything, you’ll hit it every time.

So with that, here are a few goals I have for Rossome Marketing and myself (this is Travis writing…duh.)

goals for 2013Business Goals

  • Create a “why you should be on YouTube” series. This series of videos and blog posts would be specifically targeted towards smaller sized businesses as well as solo entrepreneurs. The course would attempt to drive home the vast marketing and sales opportunities available for them on YouTube. The videos would be free and used potentially as a lead magnet to obtain contact information. I could use business cards with a web address on them at local events.
  • Create a “getting started on YouTube” course. After understanding the importance of being on YouTube, the next step for business owners and entrepreneurs is to actually be taught how to do it. I’ve been talking through the logistics of actually creating this and I believe it could really benefit my target market. This course will cover everything including creating a channel, equipment needed, on camera tips, video planning/scripting, editing, uploading, landing page tactics, auto responder tactics and more. I’m excited to create something of real value that people can use.
  • Begin helping local businesses get on YouTube. With my ultimate goal being to have people pay me to help with youTube marketing, it goes without saying that I’ll need to point to some case studies. One of my goals in 2013 will be to, in fact, do some of this work pro bono. (If you’re interested in speaking with me about being one of the companies I consult with, click here, tell me something about your business and send me your contact information.)
  • Publish a fiction series in the Amazon Kindle Store. I recently wrote a book for the Kindle using some of the tips I outline here. The book is in the non-fiction “relationship advice” niche and it’s doing alright. I’ve made a few bucks and believe it will continue at about the same pace. However, I really want to write a series of short fiction stories and see how they go. I’ve got one nearly ready to upload and will share how that goes soon.

Personal Goalspersonal goals

  • Lose 20 pounds. Yes, the infamous “lose 20 pounds” resolution. However, I don’t think I’ll accomplish anything if I don’t actually say it out loud…or write it..um…out loud? OK, well anyway.
  • Increase my knowledge about photography. I’ve already enrolled in a DSLR course on Udemy and am about 30% through it. I really have enjoyed listening to the lectures online. It allows me to pause the video and look something up quickly if I want more info. If the course goes well, I may take another!
  • Get away with my wife for a long weekend. This one may be difficult. If you’ve read my “about page” then you’ll know I’ve got 5 kids. Once you’ve got 5 kids, nearly everything is a challenge. However, I really need to find the time to make this happen.

So what about you?
Do you have any specific goals you’re aiming towards this year? Or maybe you’ve got an idea that will help me refine my goals above? Either way, I’d really love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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2 Responses to “Goals For 2013”

  • Hey Travis,

    I definitely like the goals you have set for yourself and if I could recommend anything I would suggest giving away your video series as a Free WSO on the WarriorForum. If you don’t already know, you can pay for a thread to advertise your squeeze page for $40 and you will be able to generate tons of leads! They love YouTube courses there!

    You could then lead those new subscribers into your paid product when you create it and easily make that $40 back!

    I don’t get paid to suggest WSOs but I’d be rich if I did lol

    Also 2 things about losing weight: learn about Macronutrients if you don’t already know about them and use MyFitnessPal to track them. I’ve lost 30 pounds in six months pretty much eating whatever I want and I don’t do cardio exercise. I do lift weights 3 times per week though.

    Just some friendly advice! Looking forward to rocking 2013 and let me know when you have your products set up, I would love to check them out!

    Gabe Johansson recently posted..List Building Email Follow Up TipsMy Profile

    • Hey Gabe – some great advice! I hadn’t thought about a free WSO, but that’s a great idea for sure.

      Macronutrients…hmm. I’ll have to do some googling about that. Again, thanks for the tips and I appreciate the well thought out comment!


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