How To Increase Your Traffic Through Guest Posting

Guest PostingWhile getting traffic to your site is the number one goal of most webmasters  it’s not just about building back links and attempting to rank in the SERPs. To be honest, that’s simply one source of customers and, depending on your niche, potentially very difficult. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.) is another source that many people consider as a viable tactic to increase your visibility online. While it’s no exactly rocket science, the bottom line is simply this: the more places you are online, the more traffic will come (yeah…I know. “If you build it, they will come”….Field of Dreams reference.) That’s why guest posting for other sites and blogs in your niche will almost guarantee an increase in traffic to your site.

What is guest posting and how does it work?

Writing articles for other people’s websites has many benefits. For one, people will see what you’ve written and if it’s quality, they will take notice. Typically there is either an “author box” or another area in the article that contains a link back to your website. If the content you’ve contributed is engaging and well written, the reader may click on one of the links to see more. This is free traffic you never would have had otherwise since they most likely never would have found you.

Secondly, you’ll want to encourage people to comment on your post and begin to engage them in a dialogue. When readers make a connection with you through conversations in the comments, it’s only natural that they’ll want to learn more about you. This increases your chances of them clicking back to your site and thereby giving you even more traffic.

Additionally, you create a bond with the blogger or site owner. You’ve offered your article for free and given them unique content for their site. The benefit of the relationships you build with other site owners in your niche cannot be understated. There are many possibilities for working together on projects in the future that can benefit both parties, but it has to start somewhere.

4 Tips for getting traffic using guest posts

  • Write well written, quality posts on topics that are relevant. This goes without saying, but you should always present your best quality writing whenever you post online. However, when writing for someone else’s blog you’ll want to pick a topic that is engaging and relevant to their readers. Remember – you are trying to connect with THEIR readers so they will also become YOUR readers. You don’t want them skipping over you article because it doesn’t meet their needs. Plus, the site owner may not publish it if it’s no on topic with what the readers want.
  • Choose the sites you guest post on carefully. Picking the sites you choose to offer guest posting to is very important as you will be spending quite a lot of time on this new article. Try and determine if the site is in your same target demographic – in other words, would the people who read the content on this site be a good fit with your brand? Gaining targeted traffic is the goal here.
  • Make your bio box awesome. Writing an amazing article is a complete waste of time if your bio box is boring. Make sure you write the copy in such a way as to present a benefit for the reader if they check out your site. Then you need to create a call to action – ask for them to click through!
  • Keep an eye on the comments. Once your post has been published, make sure you are watching. Many blogs have the ability to subscribe to the comments so you are notified any time someone posts a reply. When anyone shares a thought or posts a comment, make sure to respond as soon as you can. This will build the trust factor and often result in a click to your site.

What to write about when guest posting

Here are a couple of ideas for topics for when you are writing guest post:

  • A few common mistakes businesses make in your niche
  • A tutorial or “how to” on a relevant topic
  • Your own experience with a software tool or marketing tactic
  • A list of the top ten best practices in your niche
  • An FAQ about an industry related topic
  • Commentary on a recent industry event

The end game of all of this work, of course, is for new readers to eventually become customers and for you to network with other leaders in your field. When you write engaging and valuable content, you increase your visibility online and, as a result, position yourself as an in your market. Add that to a site with targeted readers looking for information you have and you’ve got perfect recipe for targeted traffic through guest posting.

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