Kindle Success Story – 5 Days In

There are over 1 million book in the Kindle store on Amazon (according to Amazon’s figures.) So it goes without saying that being able to write about a Kindle success story only five days after publishing is pretty cool. Check out this quick 2 minute video:

Pretty cool, eh? Top 100 in less than 5 days? That’s worth shouting about!

Now I’m under no illusions that I’ll stay there for very long without doing some more marketing. It’s imperative that I continue to get reviews, likes and tags. The plan is that once I’ve got several more reviews, I’ll enroll in the KDP Select and do a couple of free days.  (You can read about the strategy of Kindle pulsing here.)

Overall I’m very pleased (and frankly, surprised) that I’ve been able to rise so quickly in such a large niche. Hopefully this is just the beginning and I’ll see more and more success with this book (and the ones I’m already writing for future releases!) Stay tuned for my progress!

What about you? Any Kindle success stories to share?




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