Three Essential (but simple) Video Marketing Tips

Video-Marketing-TipsReady for an obvious statement?

You should be using video marketing as promotion technique.

Yup…you knew that. OK, ready for another one?

Using video marketing will help you to grow yоur business and your reach.

Alright…I’m done. I just don’t know if people understand the power and potential of video. There are just so many people online that watch videos and this number is only increasing. There’s such a demand for high-quality video and the good connections today make streaming video easier than ever so the days of grainy poor quality video are behind us.

Videos are visual and as such, can help you spread your message online in a much more effective way than a blog post or other print media. There are so many ways to increase the effectiveness – you cаn blend your video with audio tracks for even more impact. You can voice over old power point presentations to gain online exposure and traffic. The list goes on and on. You do need a bit of a time commitment to constantly create videos so not everyone can do it but the results can be well worth the added effort you have to put out. Sites such as YouTube are growing at a lighting pace so you need to benefit from this growth with your own videos. Here are some tips for your videos that you can use.

Create Short and Simple Videos

The average video on YouTube gets watched for 1 minute and eleven seconds. Yup. You heard me right. Just over a minute. So what can we learn from that? Most videos should be really short as people don’t usually have enough time to watch longer videos not to mention they have short attention spans. What you need to do is condense everything and get the important points and facts out quickly in your video.

You won’t gain the trust of people without delivering on what the video has to say. Plus you don’t want to repeat things as this can be distracting for the viewer. Make the video simple with a clear message. You want to inform the viewer, not leave them frustrated with your video. If you`re selling, show the problem and how your product helps to solve it for the viewer.

Keep the videos short as possible and the viewer will stay till the the end of your video.  If a video is long then it has to be worthwhile or else your viewer will lost interest and click to something else.

Create Memorable Videos

You want a video that people remember and want to tell others about. When you create this type of impact with your video, the viewer will want to see more and they’ll come back at a later time.

A memorable product or service video will always talk about how your product/service can benefit the viewer. You want to show visually how the viewer can be successful with your product or service and that it will solve their problems. You will need some skills to do this so learn about copywriting to get things right. If you market things in the right way then you’ll get the sales that you want. Sales are about the marketing and your skills they don`t come around by chance.

You want to look at videos that are the same niche you are in and then see what you have. You want to see how you could make your videos better and get people to like your videos and find out more about you. You can learn a lot about your customers by studying the successful videos of others which can get you more viewers to our own content.

Be Yourself In Your Videos

Make your own content and don’t copy the content from others. You don`t want to be compared to others in your industry or niche you want to be an original. If you present yourself well and are natural then this will be a benefit. You want to be an original so you don’t get people that hate what you do and try to spoil your online image.

You want to create your own content and not what other people are doing. This helps your videos stand out from the same old content. Try to add some humor and give your videos some personality as you’ll stand out this way. If you do this you’ll get more subscribers to your videos and your viewership will rise with each new video you produce.

Watch your videos carefully to ensure there’s nothing negative about them. If the video is negative then you should delete it and try again. Try to remake your video so you don`t ruin your reputation online. You want to grow your marketing campaigns with good quality videos that are positive.

So that’s it! It’s really not rocket science. In the end, the most important thing for you to do is to start! I’ve got a great video series I created that will walk you through the entire process. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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