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Hi – Travis here from Thanks again for subscribing and I hope you get a lot of value from this short series.

In this first video, I’ll be sharing why your should be on YouTube.If you already are on YouTube, there is still some value here for you and I encourage you to read on (or watch the video.) Hopefully this will encourage you to create even more videos to add to your channel.

Now the easiest thing to do is to spout some statistics. Like did you know that over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube? Or that 500 years of  YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook? Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute? So yeah…it’s kind of a big thing.

YouTube will increase traffic

The only way to have an effective business online is to get people to your website or blog — it really is that simple. This is why content creation and syndication has become essential to marketing your business online. Depending on your strategy, sometimes you’ll want to get leads, other times you’ll simply want the traffic to send to a sales page. But either way, increased traffic equals increased leads and conversions for you.

Videos are easy to create

Your video doesn’t have to look like it won an Academy Award to be effective. You can easily start with the camera in your pocket right now — your phone. The key is to connect, not impress people. Because of that, anyone can have an effective video marketing presence and it’s easier than you realize. It simply takes a commitment to doing it.

People enjoy consuming video

Let me ask you – are you more apt to read a 1000 word post about how fix your toilet or watch a video? In fact, did you read this paragraph or watch the video above first? These days, people want to consume their content in the easiest way possible. And the cool thing is that with today’s technology, they can – YouTube is on their phones, tablets, even their TVs through streaming media players! And this behavior will only increase as time goes on…people will continue to consume more and more video. What’s easier than sitting back and WATCHING your content?

Video can be repurposed

You may not of thought about this before, but you can use your video content in other places online to gain links back to your site as well as traffic in different ways. You can have your video transcribed and repurpose the text as a blog post on other blogs or article directories. You can rip the audio from the video to use as a podcast. You’ve got options when you create video. All of these other forms of content link back to your video, which increase traffic and authority in your niche.

Video has a higher perceived value

People value production. For that reason, video has a higher perceived value than the written word. And since video is easier to create in most cases, it makes a lot of sense to spend the majority of your time creating them instead of writing more and more blog posts and product descriptions. Once you’ve done a few videos and have created your own work flow, you could easily do a few per week depending on your schedule. That’s 100+ videos in a year. Consider the ability to answer your customer’s problems head on each and every week with a video. What that could mean to your business?

People will relate to you

Relationship is the new economy. If people don’t trust you, they won’t do business with with you. Video provides the simplest medium for people to get to know you and trust you; ultimately to do business with you. As a bonus, it also carries with it the ability to communicate expertise, which, of course, leads to more trust.


  • YouTube will increase your traffic – use the tips I’ll share
  • YouTube videos can be very easy to create
  • People enjoy consuming video
  • Video can be repurposed and syndicated to maximize exposure
  • Video has a higher perceived value than a blog post alone
  • People will find it easier to trust you and do business with you

In the next video

I’ll be sharing with you some of “the easiest ways to create a video.” I’ll include some screen casts of me actually creating a video. Something you could easily replicate. I’ll also be sharing all of the things you’ll want to include in your YouTube videos to get the most bang for your buck. Might as well take full advantage this medium to expose your business and brand!


OK, what did you learn? Time to speak up in the comments and share your thoughts or questions!



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