YouTube Starter Pack Video 3

Hey everyone! So glad you’re sticking with the series! Hopefully you took some time and actually recorded a video using some of the techniques I shared in video 2. This video goes deeper into screen and presentation casting. Check it out!

Resources Mentioned In This Video*

ScreenFlow For Mac
Camtasia For Windows – Free Screencasting Website
iWork for Mac (includes Keynote)
PowerPoint for Windows

*The links in this section are affiliate links. Use them if you like. If you do, please know that I will receive a commission and that I truly appreciate your support!

Form Follows Function

The first step whenever you’re making any type of marketing, especially video, is to consider your objective. Once you’ve established the objective, or the “why” behind what you’re creating, the video will come together nicely – form follows function!

For this video, I’m going to assume you’ve already decided to use screencasting because you want to either

  • Use this video for demoing or training
  • Use this video to simply drive traffic and provide back links

If you plan to demo features or create training videos, a screencast is your best option. Perhaps you could even consider using a combo approach – talking head and screencast. If you’re simply wanting to create back links and drive traffic to your site for lead generation and SEO, you could use the Keynote or PowerPoint presentation casting approach.

The Screen Cast Video

Lets say you want to create a series of videos on how to use WordPress – perhaps you want to help people learn or you have a plugin that can help them with a pain point. First, you’ll want to brainstorm the different pieces of the puzzle that you want to address. Jot it all down and really take your time here.

Then your next step is to obtain a screencasting software or solution. For mac, I recommend ScreenFlow which is what I use. It’s about $100, but I’ve got a 10% off coupon for you if you’d like. For Windows users, Camtasia is the best solution out there. It’s usually about $300, but Amazon has it for less. If you want to try it for free, is an option, but you can’t do hybrid casts. Nor can you download the final product to your computer…you’ll only have the ability to view it online. There is an auto upload to YouTube feature, but you’ll never actually own you video or have a copy on your computer.

Once you’ve got everything installed and ready, you’ll want to prepare your desktop for the recording. Get all your icons and clutter off the desktop – it just looks more professional. See the example in the video above of how you might do a screencast of your own!

The Presentation Casting Video

The other type of screencast video is extremely simple to create since it’s using a form of presentation software to “present” your content. Plus, this can also be used in a “combo” sort of way like mentioned before. So if you’ve ever created a powerpoint, you’re ready to do this one. The organization process is similar to above, but you’ll be doing it in the program itself. As you can see in the video, you’re able to record your entire screen (if your monitor is large enough) and them only use the desired area in the final project.

The Challenge!

Create either a screencast video using and get used to talking into a microphone while recording your screen. If you prefer, create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation about a topic of interest to you and record that instead. Either way, I want you to see that this isn’t rocket science and that anyone can do this to gain exposure online.

In the next video…

  • We’ll be editing and uploading a video!
  • I’ll show you the optimum settings for outputting you video
  • I’ll show you some tricks you’ll want to make sure you do when uploading to YouTube to maximize your efforts and get the most traffic!

See you next time and thanks for watching!


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