YouTube Starter Pack Video 4

Hey everyone! Welcome to part 4 of the YouTube Starter Pack Video Series. In this video, we’ll be editing and exporting our video. Check it out!

Resources Mentioned In This Video*

ScreenFlow For Mac
Camtasia For Windows

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Editing Your Video

Depending on how you shot your video, you may not need much editing. If you shot a screencast, you may just need to clean up a few audio errors. Everyone has the occasional “ums” and “ahhs.” Just watch me for 30 seconds and you’ll probably hear one!

If you shot a talking head video, you may want to add some effects like some graphics, text or transitions between each point. Obviously you may have a different editing program, but the concepts will remain the same. Since I use ScreenFlow, your system will undoubtedly look different. In the video above I shared some of the basic editing concepts you’ll need.

  1. Audio editing
  2. Using video transitions
  3. Using graphics and text
  4. Using an end slate

Exporting Your Video

Once you’ve successfully edited your video, you’ll need to export it from your editing software in a format that is right for YouTube. In the video, I mentioned sharing with you some of the export settings I like to use.

For starters, I personally export all of my videos in 1280 x 720 – otherwise known as “720p.”  This accomplishes three things for me:

  1. High definition
  2. Widescreen aspect ratio
  3. Doesn’t take up as much hard disk space as a 1080p video would

Here are some screenshots of my settings that I use to export. You can click on them to see a larger image. Please let me know if you’ve got any questions. While the settings will be the same, it will probably look a bit different in the program you’re using.

Exporting1 Exporting2

After you’ve got the settings where you want them, go ahead and use the export feature on your editing software. Trust me, this will take some time so plan on waiting awhile for your computer to be finished.

The Challenge!

Take some time to edit your video. Add some transitions or some text if it’s a talking head video. If it’s a screencast, at least use a fade from black at the beginning and the end. Consider adding a logo at the end, as well. Once you’re done, export your video using the settings I’ve outlined on this page.

In the next video…

  • We’ll be uploading and annotating your video!
  • I’ll show you how to research keywords related to your video so you can make sure people find and watch your video!

See you next time when we upload your video and thanks for watching!


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