YouTube Starter Pack Video 5

Hey everyone! Welcome to part 5 of the YouTube Starter Pack Video Series. In this video, we’ll be uploading our video to YouTube and also annotating it. Check it out!

Keyword Selection

Once you’ve exported your video to you desktop, the next thing to do is upload it, right?


Before you upload it, you’ll want to select a few keywords to use. The easiest way is to use the YouTube Keyword Selection Tool. YouTube recently changed some URLs around so it’s not currently coming up when you google “youtube keyword tool,” so make sure you bookmark it so you’ll have it later:


In the video, I go through how to select keywords, but the basic process is as follows:

  1. Find a video on YouTube that already ranks for the general keyword you want to rank for – make sure they have at least a few thousand views already.
  2. Go to the video page and copy the URL at the top.
  3. Enter that into the “YouTube video id or url” box and click “get keyword ideas.”
  4. Look through the list and write down 7-8 keyword phrases.

After you’ve got a list of keyword phrases, you can move onto the next part.

Uploading Your Video

Now that you have a few keywords to use in your description and tags, you’re ready to upload. For this course I’ll assume you’ve already got a YouTube account – it attaches to a Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, just google how to set up a YouTube account and do that first.

YouTube Drag and Drop UploadOnce you’re ready, it’ll be pretty easy. Watch the screencast in the video above for more info, but it’s basically “drag and drop.” Then you just use your keywords to create a title, description and tags.

TIP: Always use one of your keywords as the 1st part of your title. For example, if I was doing a video on lighting, I might use this title: “How To Set Up Lighting For Video: Three Point Lighting Example.” My main keyword phrase is the first thing in my title and as a bonus, I’ve included a secondary keyword phrase after the colon.

Annotating Your Video

After you’ve got your video uploaded, you can use annotations. These aren’t necessary, but can help you get more traction on your new YouTube channel. Basically, an annotation is a link inside the actual video. You can annotate a subscribe button that is simple text, or create a box around an image inside your video using a “spotlight” annotation.

As I mention in the video, you can eventually add associated websites and link to pages outside YouTube itself. This is of incredible value if you want to promote a specific landing page or product on your website. Just note that whenever anyone clicks an annotation, they are immediately taken away from your video and onto the linked page/video.

Sharing Your Video

You can also share your video and embed it on your blog and any other web property you control. So if you have a blog or a website, you absolutely need to put your video on one of the pages. You may consider sharing your video on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social sharing service you subscribe to, as well. The more places your video is found, the better chances you have of it ranking for those keywords we found earlier.

The Challenge!

Do some keyword research and find 4-5 keywords or phrases that you’d like to rank for. Upload your video using those keywords in the title, description and tags. Go in afterwards and annotate a “subscribe” link to your YouTube Page. Once you’re finished, tweet me the URL – I’d really love to see it!


In the next video…

  • We’ll be talking about landing pages and auto responders!
  • This is where you begin to actually get leads that you can follow up with!

See you next time when we upload your video and thanks for watching!


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OK, what did you learn? Time to speak up in the comments and share your thoughts or questions!



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