YouTube Starter Pack Video 6

Hey everyone! It’s time for part 6 of the YouTube Starter Pack Video Series. In this video, I’m excited to share with you how to use an auto responder to keep the conversation going. Check it out!

Resources Mentioned In This Video*

Aweber Autoresponder Software (web based software – will run on Mac or PC)

*The links in this section are affiliate links. Use them if you like. If you do, please know that I will receive a commission and that I truly appreciate your support!

What Is An Auto Responder?

Wikipedia defines an auto responder as “a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.” While this explanation is overly simple, it’s correct. However, for our purposes, I’d like to define it as this:

“A service that can immediately provide information to prospective customers and also follow up at predetermined intervals.”

In otherwords, it attempts to communicate with your prospects and engage, teach or presell them.

The YouTube Starter Pack is an example of an auto responder series. You opted into the series and now receive periodic e-mails with a link to a series of posts/videos.

There are many different options when it comes to selecting an auto responder. As I mentioned in the video, I use Aweber. However I’ve also heard that Get Response has a similar interface and may be slightly less expensive. I’ll let you do some investigating and make a decision on what is right for you.

Once you’ve selected your software, the process is fairly simple. Typically you’ll create an “opt in” form where somebody can leave an e-mail address in exchange for a free report or video. You can also manually enter a prospect into your series, although I didn’t cover that in the video. (If you’d like more information about how to do that, send me an e-mail!) Once you’ve created an opt in form, you’ll place it on a landing page (more on that in the next video.) You can create an e-mail sequence for the prospects that opt into your list to promote your products, create a dialogue or simply educate your prospects. Finally, you’ll drive traffic using various methods (my favorite is YouTube) to gain “opt ins” to your list

When creating follow up messages, you’ll want to ask probing questions in order to get an e-mail back from them. Perhaps you could ask them about their problems as it relates to your particular niche or area of expertise. This keeps the conversation going, and will build trust as you dialogue with your prospects. Additionally, you will become “top of mind” whenever they are thinking about your niche!

The Challenge!

First, sign up for Aweber or another auto responder program. Then,  do three things:

  1. Create your first list
  2. Create your first follow up message
  3. Create a web form for your new list

In the next video…

  • We’ll be talking about creating a place online to insert that form you just created!
  • We’ll create an actual landing page!
  • This is where you’ll begin to actually get leads that you can follow up with!



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OK, what did you learn? Time to speak up in the comments and share your thoughts or questions!



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